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Types of Explainer Videos

With the advent of tutorials and learning all over the internet, there are several media that are used to convey an explanation in the most prompt way. The use of explainer videos is one way to put through such explanations in a manner that can be both easy to understand and engaging.

The abundance of explainer content on the internet makes it really difficult for brands and services to choose which type of explainer video to use. Whether it is 2D animation or the use of infographics within the video, each type of video has its own essence.

In order to make it more understandable, we can broadly classify the types of explainer videos into two classes:

1. Based on How they Look:

This class can be further sub-divided into 8 sub-classes based on convenience and relevancy to the main sub-division. They are:

  • 2D Character Animation

A storyline can be woven into the content using characters that can be brought into life via animation to engage audiences.

  • Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics is a visual media that uses animation as its principles. The only difference is, infographics are a form of communication, while motion graphics is a media.

  • Infographics:

To present a larger chunk of information in a systematic and easy to read manner, infographics can be used to highlight the relevant information.

  • Whiteboard Animation:

Whiteboard animation is one of the simplest types of explainer videos in which a marker is used to draw or write down points of importance.

  • Kinetic Topography Explainer

Kinetic topography includes text moving throughout the background in engaging fonts and transitions to draft the message in a creative way.

  • Live-Action:

It’s basically a type of cinematography or videography that’s created by compiling photos instead of animation. This is one of the modern trends in the video industry. These Live-action videos are mainly used to depict a film or video games or the likes.

  • Stop Motion Videos:

Stop motion videos are made by compiling and fast playing of numerous individually photographed frames, making it look an independent motion when played back as slow sequence or fast sequence. In this technique, a single object is physically manipulated in small increments while being photographed in individual frames.

  • Screencast videos:

They can also be called Screen recording or Screen Capture. Unlike Screenshots, they aren’t still photographs of your computer or mobile screen but a recording of what all is going on your screen along with all the audio narration going on besides video.

2. Based on the purpose:

Depending on the purpose of the video, target audience and reasons, this category can be further sub-divided into 5 categories, viz:

  • Hybrid Video:

A combination of these types can also be used in assistance with one another to come up with a hybrid explainer video.

  • Product featured videos:

Featuring 360 views, close up view and dissected view of products and explaining their individual features. It can also be a video showing the benefits of a product in different styles above and below. If yours is a product featured video,?you might not want to go into too much information. You can choose 2D animation along with some storyline weaved in to introduce your product.

  • Corporate Videos:

A business or corporate explainer videos or just corporate videos will have a completely different setup and tone. It will be made using professional tone, statistical evidence and of course, mild flow. Here the use of infographics will be appropriate as more key points can be necessary to mention.

  • Educational Videos:

Educational Videos can be of different types based on whom to educate through the videos, for example, educate teachers, students, common people or what. Educational Videos are generally longer in duration and have pinpoint details discussed throughout the video. It can be about a particular thing or an event or incident or a chapter.

  • Facebook Video Ads:

Facebook Ad videos are generally promotional and relatively shorter in length. They talk specifically about product or service and its explanation in a promotional tone.

Here is what you can do to understand which among the different types of explainer videos you should use:

Final Verdict

Thus, your creativity in the field of explainer videos lies in how you can draft the most convincing and engaging explanation for your intended viewer. It can always be a great idea to keep it as simple as possible and easy to understand. A simple and attractive video can help convey what you desire in the best explainer video. Engage your audience and converse through your message.

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Hiring agencies vs hiring freelancers vs do it yourself – Which is efficient? Fri, 28 Feb 2020 06:19:56 +0000 Hiring agencies vs hiring freelancers vs do it yourself – Which is efficient? Read More »

Hiring agency vs freelancers vs do it yourself

Despite the widespread digitization in the world today, there are certain crafts that still require freelancers to render their creative inputs. This includes a variety of projects like writing, art, photography, content creation, and several other services that require a dash of creativity.

We have several independent freelancers who offer their services through online and offline platforms. They can be hired for some projects or bulk projects all at once. On the other hand, there are several agencies that have teams of people working together for such projects. You can get in touch with an agency to cater to all your orders. However, in this age, with so many tutorials online for DIYs, sometimes one tends to think if they can tackle the project at hand all by themselves.

The real tug of war lies at agency vs freelancer or perhaps even in house projects – which is the more efficient option? Read along to understand the pros and cons of each of these and then chose your pick to optimize project efficiency.



  1. Hiring agencies can be an efficient way of overcoming these drawbacks. If your project is one that does not need too much communication with the actual person handling the task or there is a bulk of work that needs to be obtained in a deadline, then perhaps a professional agency is likely to be the better choice for you.
  2. If your work needs to be abided by a tight deadline, Hiring agencies can be efficient.
  3. You can get a number of services under one roof, and thus it saves your time that you would have spent otherwise, searching for freelancers.
  4. You get proper documentation and guarantee before starting work with an agency.
  5. You could get some discounts if you dealt for longer and bulk terms.


  1. The drawback here lies in the commission agencies charge, which is the buffer amount you will need to pay.
  2. The protocol that you would have to go through is stringent and is time-consuming as well.



  1. Independent freelancers are often available with cheaper services in the market.
  2. By hiring freelancersyou can not only get to directly interact with the creative brains behind your project but also save the commission fee that an outsourcer would have charged otherwise.
  3. In terms of efficiency, it can perhaps be faster to interact directly, communicate efficiently, and thus produce better results.

You’re not bound to carry on a long term with a freelancer if you don’t like his or her service.


  1. There is an issue of handling bulk work that can be a problem for freelancers.
  2. There is generally no solid documentation.
  3. You would have to search for a different freelancer for different projects and can’t expect all types of service from one person.


Instead of hiring an agency or freelancer for your projects you could even?do it yourself.?If your project lies well within the area of what you can execute, you can consider doing it yourself. There is a plethora of information online, including tutorials and inspirations that can help you save money as well as have complete control over the creative decisions regarding your project. The only drawback with do it yourself projects when they are complex artistically or creatively, and some professional insight might be needed.?

Thus, it is fair to say that what is most efficient for you truly depends on project demands and what you expect out of it. The answer can be different for different people. In general, it will be best to keep within a stipulated budget and analyze if the chosen party (whether it is an agency vs freelancer, or perhaps yourself) is in a position to produce good quality work for the project. The medium which fulfills these needs most easily is perhaps the most efficient for your project.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2020 – What to focus on? Mon, 24 Feb 2020 13:02:43 +0000 Digital Marketing Trends 2020 – What to focus on? Read More »

Digital Marketing 2020 – Marketing has grown multifold in the digital domain today. With a wide scope for the future of digital marketing, there is a lot that has come up in the past few years. Marketing online is no longer a new pursuit. Especially now, there are certain things one needs to keep in mind before getting into the domain of digital advertising. It is important to keep in sync with digital marketing 2020 trends.

Here are a few focus points that one can be centred at for digital marketing 2020:

1. Intelligent Advertisement

In the era of artificial intelligence, the future of online marketing is truly dependent on all forms of intelligent advertising that one can accommodate in their approach. People are looking out for smart devices like chatbots and faster interaction in the present day scenario. Thus, a certain level of automation and programming is a must in 2020 for all digital marketers. Quicker and more intelligent responses in advertising are definitely more likely to be better received.

2. Conversational outlook

2020 is going to succeed a decade that has broken all traditional shackles and ideal formats of brand representation. People no longer want to trust in a brand that seems too good to be true or unreal. A conversational tone is a must for digital marketing 2020, whether it be in the content that you put out there or advertisements on the online forum. Make sure a conversational tone is used to keep the audience engaged and help them feel more connected to your message.

3. Visual content

In the generation of memes and Instagram, we no longer have an audience that is willing to read long blocks of text about your brand or service. Digital marketing 2020 are all about grasping their attention and keeping them hooked to your updates regularly. You need to come up with more visual content like videos, pictures, infographics, and other engaging pieces of content that will help you master their attention.

4. Customization

There are no bounds to what opportunities AI can present in understanding your customers. The boon of customized marketing is one such opportunity you must make complete use of in 2020. With so much content and advertisements floating in the online world, people are naturally more likely to be drawn towards something that is a little more tailor-made for them.

Keeping these top trends in mind, you can craft your own approach to create a profound impact on your marketing approach in the coming year. 2020 is a year filled with new possibilities and expectations. Harness these qualities by using digital marketing 2020 trends to your benefit and to boost your brand identity like never before.

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5 things your business should do in 2020 Sat, 14 Dec 2019 12:33:41 +0000 5 things your business should do in 2020 Read More »

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

It’s December, just a few days away from the New Year. Have you begun working on your strategy for a successful 2020 yet?

With not many days left in your hand count this year, most business owners are looking forward to ending their year on a high note. I challenge you, Owners, to look further ahead and determine what you want to accomplish in 2020. Just because we’re in the wee days of this New Year, it doesn’t mean you should wait until you get started on your 2020 plan of attack. Keep one thing in mind, don’t overcomplicate the plan, the process, or turn your strategy into the Magna Carta, Keep It Simple and Stupid.

Here are 5 things to help you get started:

1.Understand your customers:

You can only develop products and services that will be a huge hit if you are attentive to the needs of your customers and prospects. One way to understand exactly what your customers want is through research and surveys. You should be constantly inviting them to provide honest and even brutal feedback. Reviews and surveys are the best possible ways to get under the skin of customers. This makes it easier for you to develop products and services that are suitable for the current demands in the market. Moreover, it helps you understand the areas in which your company needs to improve.

And one of the keynotes is that if you don’t provide quality customer services, it will be difficult for you to satisfy your customers even if you have a superior product or service. Let your customers know that they are valued. They should not feel like things are difficult for them if they raise certain issues. Social media is one such platform to understand your customers by listening to them. If they find your customer service satisfactorily, they might even recommend others to also buy from your business.

2.Use videos:

These numbers project the importance of incorporating a video into your business as a part of Digital Marketing Trends 2020:

65% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video.

70% of businesses say that the video has improved their conversion rate.

55% of consumers say that watching explainer videos makes them more confident in purchasing decisions.

Your business is not a dormant strategy on a piece of paper- you must bring it to life. Well, it’s not a gulping moment to you that video is taking the market by storm. So how do you use the power of videos to grow your business faster, generate new leads and develop your customer base? As videos can bring-in attraction and conversion of visitors and brand identity.

Imagine an online visitor comes across your website, but there is a humongous amount of text and images explaining about what you do and how great your products and services are, the visitor after reading for one or two minutes will simply leave the website and get disinterested. Now let’s assume that instead of the boring text, you’ve got short and factual video, this engages him/her and can be your potential customer.

3.Hire the right people and place them in the right position:

In any business, the employees are the most important and valuable asset. In order to ensure continued success, businesses need to be able to hire the right people and put them in the right position.  “Place them and forget them” is a common approach for recruiting. But it is equally important to ensure that the right people are placed in the right positions, so those top performers can optimize their learning and growth.

Unfortunately, many managers take an unconcerned approach to place employees, and as a result, they have top performers working in non-essential jobs. In addition to impacting their morale and retention, it also affects the firm’s productivity, as well as its ability to maintain a competitive edge. If you want your team to be productive, it’s essential that you periodically conduct a “human capital audit” to ensure that the right people are placed in the right job!

4.Establish loyalty:

It takes time to encourage customers to come and buy what you have to offer. But it’s not enough to just make them buy. You need to encourage loyalty. Considering that there are other competitors who could offer them better, you want them to remain loyal to you. Don’t be self-satisfied just because you already have a lot of loyal customers. They can be easily attracted to other options, and they might leave you. Provide loyalty rewards, discounts and promotions, let the most loyal customers be the first ones to know. You must ensure your customers that they are appreciated.

5. Go Digital:

Name a business that does not have a website, a blog, or even its own account on Facebook or Twitter.  Yes, there’s probably none. Going digital is a convenient and effective marketing strategy because of its low start-up costs, extensive reach and popularity. When we talk about business going digital, things like cloud, Big Data, analytics, Online marketing plays a pivotal role in such a way that these emerging and disruptive technologies have transformed the business landscape in the past 5 years.

Think about the way that digital transformation changes the interaction with customers or how employees do their jobs or how it creates new and innovative lines of business. Digital is the new face of business, and it’s absolutely necessary for organizations to get onboard onto this Digital Marketing Trends 2020.

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Using Videos as the Gateway to Success for Your Business Fri, 22 Nov 2019 10:35:30 +0000 Using Videos as the Gateway to Success for Your Business Read More »

Video for Business

Videos are the best means to draw the attention of people. Why do you think people prefer watching movies instead of reading books? It is easier, less time consuming, and more memorable. Of course, the bibliophiles will disagree. But the point is, videos make a long-lasting impact. You can use a business video to make a lasting impression on investors. You can use a promotional company video to convey a message at your ad campaigns.

Ways you can use videos to make your business successful

Videos need not be boring. They can be interactive. They don’t only need to be informative, and they can be educational. A well-made video for business can help you reach out to a large crowd. Here are some ways you can use video for small business companies or large business companies.

  • You can use an explainer video for business for the induction of new employees. Instead of only giving a speech or verbal orientation, catch their attention with a video.
  • You can use social media videos for business. People on social media have a very short attention span. Get their attention with a short, witty video. They will definitely scroll through a bunch of text. But they will watch a short video.
  • You can use explainer video services over email to help your clients with queries. This will make them feel special for the effort you put in.
  • Make a boring presentation interesting with the help of a reputed video marketing agency.
  • Videos showcase your creativity. Any line of business can use some creativity. It draws attention and makes people trust your skills and quality, even if your product or services have nothing to do with video editing.

Why go for a video marketing agency?

Explainer video production is not difficult. But it is time-consuming, it needs resources that your business might not be equipped with.?Outsource your video needs to an agency to save yourself the time, staff-power, and money in terms of resources and company hours. Also, with professional explainer video services or videos for marketing, the quality of videos and the delivery time will be great.

A good agency will know what is funny and what is too much. They will know the difference between dull and too vibrant. You can give in your input. You can flaunt your creativity. But at the end of the day, you will have professional assistance to make things perfect for you.

You can use video advertising for small businesses and make it look professional enough to match up to the quality of large multi-national companies. You need a reputed video marketing service to have your back.

The Toffyjar team has been around the block. We know how to make a high-quality video for business. All you need to do is tell us the purpose of the video, the content you want to convey, and the tone you want to set for your brand. Call us with this information and check out what we have got.

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10 Reasons to Outsource your Digital Marketing to an Agency Thu, 21 Nov 2019 06:04:16 +0000 10 Reasons to Outsource your Digital Marketing to an Agency Read More »

Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Do you want to outsource your digital marketing? It is a good idea. You can take care of your website’s digital marketing by yourself. But if you outsource your digital marketing to a reputed agency, it will be more fruitful. How? Let’s find out.

1] No need for staff training and orientation

If you don’t have a professional digital marketing strategist, you’ll have to make do with the team that is qualified for other things. You’ll have to train them in digital marketing. Some of them might be slow to grasp the concept. There can be a clash of ideas among team members. Some employees might have a tough time juggling between their area of expertise and digital marketing responsibility.

If you partner with a digital marketing firm, your employees won’t have to go through any of these complications.

2] Gain third-eye insight

A good digital marketing team might give you ideas and business alternatives your mind happened to miss. A helpful online marketing consultant will share insight that can benefit your business in ways the core team did not imagine. This does not mean that your team is inefficient. It just so happens that the digital marketing team has seen many companies flourish or perish. They have the experience that you can use.

3] Reap the benefits of industry expertise

Partner with a professional digital marketing consultant to get the maximum benefits of digital marketing. Don’t try to learn digital marketing and freestyle. It will result in losses. Every successful business became successful because they took digital marketing seriously. SEO, content, lead generation, SMM, email marketing, are all processes that need professional expertise.

4] Focus on core business

Your core business is the product or service you will. Even if you have some marketing enthusiasts on the team, they aren’t experts. It is very easy to lose focus while trying to juggle several roles. It’s best to leave the digital marketing responsibilities to a professional. Let your core business team focus on core business.

5] Keep up with the industry

When you and your employees are responsible for sales, product or service, as well as marketing, the result will be utter chaos. And this chaos will be a ladder for many evil Little fingers among your competitors. Hire professional digital marketers to stay ahead in the game.

6] Keep up with technology and developments in the industry

A digital marketing firm will have an updated skill set and toolset for the job. You can access the advanced software and new marketing strategies through your digital marketing partner.

7] Increase output

When every team has its specified set of tasks, there’s the maximum focus and the best outcome. An internet marketing company can handle the entire marketing angle. It can make sure every ad is updated, and every promotion is done right. Meanwhile, all you need to do is roll out your products and do a good job at it. The marketing team will handle the lead generation, exposure, and even turnout.

8] Get the highest possible ROI

Talking about turnout, when you outsource your digital marketing to a professional firm can ensure that you get value for every dollar you invest in marketing. If you try doing it on your own, you will lose money and effort during trials. You may or may not hit the bull’s eye. But a reputed digital marketing agency will ensure results every time with efficient SEO and SMM.

9] It is time-saving

No time is wasted in training the core staff for digital marketing. You save the time you’d waste on trials as a rookie. You save all the time that you can use for the core business.

10] It is cost-effective

If you outsource your digital marketing requirements, you have to pay for the company. But this money is nothing compared to the losses you incur trying to do it yourself.

Hiring a digital marketing company for your business is one of the best decisions you can take. Find a reliable team to outsource your digital marketing for your website/s. Toffyjar will help you with all you need as a small or big company.

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How Outsourcing Graphic Design Saves Money and Time Mon, 18 Nov 2019 07:58:33 +0000 How Outsourcing Graphic Design Saves Money and Time Read More »

Outsourcing Graphic Design

Does your business involve a lot of graphics? Are you having trouble with timely delivery or graphics quality? Is your core business team often complaining about delays in the graphic? You need a graphic design company to help you out with all that. Of course, you have already thought about it. But what about the added costs? What about the extra time you spend delegating with the graphics team?

Here’s good news for you. If you outsource graphic design requirements, you end up saving time and money. Sounds too good to be true? But it is true. We will tell you how outsourcing graphic design agency can be beneficial for you. 

Time and money go hand-in-hand. If you save the one, you end up saving the other. Let’s see the various ways in which you can save both by outsourcing graphic designers for your business.

Ways in which a graphic design company can save your money

You need to pay for a professional graphic design service. But that’s just the cost. You haven’t considered the return on investment. Let’s see what happens when you get professional graphic design. 

  • You get high-quality graphics. This makes your customers trust the quality of your products and services by association.
  • With a presentation with crisp graphics, you can impress a board of investors. This increases your chances of closing the deal on your terms.
  • If your graphic design requirement is high, paying overtime trip your regular employees for every extra requirement is bad for business. Employees with basic graphic designing skills will want extra pay for the work that’s not a part of their job description. In this setting, you spend more on average graphic work. A team of professionals will give you better work at a better price. You can outsource all your graphic designing needs for a fixed budget set aside for every project.
  • If you have an in-house graphic designer, you’ll have to pay a decent salary. You pay this salary even when you don’t have many projects. Outsource your requirements to a graphic design studio so that you pay only for what you get. An agency will take money for every project done. You can adjust the amount of graphics you need according to the monthly budget.
  • Another benefit of outsourcing graphic design projects is low investment. You don’t need a set of computers with the latest configuration. You don’t need office desks for an entire design team or an individual. You only pay for the service. 

These are the major reasons why outsourcing your graphic design requirements is cost-effective.

Ways in which a graphic design company can save your time

Here is what happens when you hire an in-house graphic designer or make your other employees take care of the graphic design.

  • Your core business team spends an office hour trying to figure out how to design a logo, presentation, or pamphlet.
  • Your employees spend time trying to design something a professional will take one-third the time to do.
  • Your technical team spends time maintaining and upgrading the devices your designer needs.
  • Your HR team spends time head-hunting.
  • Your Management team spends time inducting the new employee.
  • Your Accounts team spends a lot of time over paperwork.
  • If things don’t work out with the graphic designer you hired, your HR, Accounts, and Management teams need to do it all over again.

Outsourcing graphic design work saves time on all these counts and more. For a smoothly functioning business environment, you need to delegate. Try Toffyjar’s graphic design services for high-quality graphics. Call for a quote today.

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Revolutionize Advertising with Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques Tue, 12 Nov 2019 07:58:40 +0000 Revolutionize Advertising with Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques Read More »

Social Media for Business

Social media marketing or SMM can be annoying and ineffective when done wrong. But the impact of social media on business is enormous. You need to know the right way of advertising using social media. Here are some ways you can make use of social media for business.

1] Finding relevant target audience

You don’t need to show an IUD ad to a 60-year old. You don’t need to advertise perfume to a 10-year old. Yes, there are 10-year olds on social media though they aren’t supposed to be there. Social Media for business has made targeting the right audience easier. With the help of browser cookies, you can find out the interests of your target audience.

You select the people who are looking for what you are selling, and you target them. That way, you don’t end up annoying anybody. You appear helpful instead. 

2] Finding the right platform

What is social media advertising? Social media is a broad term. The platform can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anything. There are way too many platforms. You need to target two to three platforms where your target demographic spends time.

For example, if you sell high-quality swimwear or waterproof cosmetics, Instagram is the best platform. Instagrammers need these products for the best selfies. If you are selling baby-products, Facebook is the better place because most people with a family usually have a Facebook account.

These are arbitrary examples that happen to check out. But with social media marketing tools, you can find the accurate statistics for your target audience and their whereabouts.

3] Brand image building

How has social media for business changed marketing? The ways are many, but brand image building is the most significant one. Before social media, brand image was created via taglines and television ads. One ad ran for months before a fresh one came.

With social media marketing, you can create a statement and live by it every day. When you have a brand image, the audience can relate to you. With a consistent brand image over social media, your product does not have to compete with any other.

4] Social media marketing encourages conversion

What is social media advertising? Putting ads in your face the moment you go online? No. Social media advertising involves showing personalized ads to every user. The devil is in the detail. It is not just the right demographic or right platform we are looking for. Your business needs to find potential buyers with a high chance of a conversion.

Some might have checked out a product and compared it to various seller websites. Some might have added it to the cart but not checked out. With targeted discounts, personalized ads, and other such remarketing techniques, you can turn a considerable fraction of these almost sales into sure conversions. 

Now you know that the impact of social media on business is immense. Find an expert social media marketing team for your business. It is time to give your business the boost it needs. Call Toffyjar for expert digital marketing and social media marketing strategies.

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Make Your Company Visible to Potential Customers with a Website Mon, 11 Nov 2019 09:57:08 +0000 Make Your Company Visible to Potential Customers with a Website Read More »

Benefits of having a website

Does your business have a website or are you still waiting to get in the game? You might wonder “Why do I need a website for my business? or Benefits of having a website” But here are the reasons why small businesses need a website more than large conglomerates do. 

1] A website validates your business

You might have all the papers, the license, certificate of excellence, whatever there can be. But potential customers don’t go from store to store looking at the paperwork. People search for everything on the internet. If your business does not exist there, it practically does not exist. A website legitimizes your business. You can display your products and services on your own website for potential buyers to see. This is one of the benefits of having a website.

2] A website offers the exposure your business can handle

If you invest in a website, your business can be seen across the globe. With expert digital marketing, potential buyers from everywhere will come to know about your business. With a business website, you can generate valuable leads sitting at home.

3] A website saves your money

A web host, web developing company, and digital marketing company can be found cheap. What is expensive? TV, radio, or newspaper ads, pamphlets distributed only to be thrown away, and banners overlooking the highway.

Imagine paying for these conventional advertisement platforms every time you need to make an announcement! Oh, wait, without a website that is what you must have been doing. Imagine saving all that money because you have a platform through which you can reach a limitless audience, for unlimited announcements!

4] A website saves your time

Imagine all the staff-hours you save when you don’t need to print and distribute brochures or create a TV commercial. With your own website, you can launch new products, declare price cuts, or release promotional videos. A website enables you to do practically everything you need to do from the marketing angle.

5] A website helps you interact with your customers 

Does your business have a website? If it does, you can ask for customer feedback right there. You won’t have to wait for the failure of a product to realize it did not work. You can take surveys on new releases. You can ask what people want. You can share stories with your customers and help them out with informational blogs. An interactive website creates loyal customers.

These are the primary reasons why a website is important for the business or the benefits of having a website for business. It is okay if you have no idea how to start or run a website. Your job is to run your business. Maintaining an interactive website is an important part of running a successful business. But you will get enough help with that part.

At Toffyjar, we will put you in touch with the best graphic designers, digital marketers, and web developers. We will give your business the exposure it deserves by ensuring your company gets all the benefits of having a website. So, give us a call today to find out where we can get started!

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Create the Best Impression with Creative Graphic Design Thu, 07 Nov 2019 10:00:29 +0000 Create the Best Impression with Creative Graphic Design Read More »

Graphic Design for Business

Many entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of digital marketing fail to notice the importance of graphic design for business. The graphics of a website or a company banner can make or break its brand image. Is that difficult to believe? We will tell you why graphic design for business is so valuable in the world of marketing.

1] It conveys a message in a second

A video ad or blog will take minutes to convey a message. People can lose interest midway. But a picture or a logo conveys the message at one glance. If their design is unintentionally ambiguous, it will fail to send the right message. This is why a business that wants to make an impact must invest in a good graphic designer.

2] Graphics draw attention and holds it

Talking about making an impact, this is what graphic design is about. Even if visitors read an entire article, they must have read other articles of the sort. Graphic design brings a uniqueness that can create an impact. A clever logo, a comprehensive chart, these are what people remember. People have a very short attention span while browsing the internet. Think of them as toddlers in preschool. You must give them the visual stimuli to keep their attention. Good graphics make your content readable and interesting. 

3] Good graphics convey reliability

The devil is in the detail. The graphics is detail. A website with a lousy design does not stand a chance in front of a professional one that invests in corporate graphic design. It makes the viewers realize the dedication of the team behind the company. Potential customers understand that the marketing team invests in communicating with the people. Good graphics do not only impress, but it also builds trust. 

4] It showcases creativity

No matter what you sell, creativity is key. And what’s a better way to showcase your creativity than with the graphics on your company website? Make good of your graphic design skills at a conference. Using the graphic design for business is the smartest way to impress a potential investor. All the best statistics and plans will fall flat without an engaging representation. The graphic design keeps things interesting. 

5] Graphic design builds brand image

Graphic design makes your website unique. It adds credibility to your ads. Most importantly, it helps increase sales by boosting brand image. You can reiterate what your company stands for with creative graphics. Be it a social message or your work ethic, you can establish it with the graphics on your product label, your company logo, or your website.

Now that you know how important graphic design for business is, find a skilled graphic designer. You will get an expert graphics team right here at Toffyjar. Give us a call and tell us about your brand goals and we will help you achieve it.

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